Counseling to Ease Life Transitions

“Questions regarding who we are now, what we want, and what we believe, take up more of our thoughts and worries and can affect our ability to function in everyday life.”

Many people are not aware that life transitions can affect our emotional and mental well-being. Some people may become depressed, withdrawn, develop anxiety and/or panic attacks, start drinking or using substances more frequently or in a manner that causes them distress or problems in an effort to cope with the stresses of life transitions.

Life transitions really mean a shift in identity, a subtle or more fundamental shock to our beliefs about the world and about ourselves in that world. This can lead to conflicting feelings and emotions, both of which our Miami counseling services can help you manage.

Professional Counseling Services

Knowing that these can be common responses to life-altering circumstances can reduce your distress significantly. Learning the many ways that you are affected, and working towards accepting and integrating new aspects, can be implemented more easily with Terra Counseling Center professional counseling.

Our psychotherapist helps individuals navigate many types of major life transitions, including:

  • Preparing for / leaving to college
  • Getting married
  • Moving to a new city / country
  • Questions regarding gender identity / sexual orientation
  • Personal illness / disability
  • Change in career (personal decision or imposed by others)
  • End of a relationship / divorce
  • Illness, disability, or death of a loved one
  • Immigration
  • Retirement
  • Betrayal / infidelity
  • Adoption (self or other)
  • Shift in family dynamics

Are you struggling to cope with a major life transition? Contact our team of Miami counseling professionals today. We’ll help you navigate your transition in a way that is healthy and beneficial for your emotional well being.