Counseling for Navigating Relationships

“When we notice that patterns are being repeated, that we are asking ourselves why is this happening again and why didn’t I see this coming, that is usually a good time to come in and utilize therapy.”

Our relationships have a thread that connects our past to our present. The counseling process can be effective in understanding relationships in many ways. You can build a trusting relationship with your therapist, which models (provides an example) of how a healthier relationship looks and feels.

Attachments with caregivers and other individuals who are close to you can also greatly contribute to how we learn to relate to others. Professional therapy at Terra Counseling Center allows a closer exploration of those relationships in meaningful, non-judgmental ways.

How Does Relationship Counseling Work?

The intention is not to blame or excuse our own attitudes and actions by acknowledging the influence that others have in our lives, but instead to form a more holistic and integrated understanding of how we came to be who we are. We also want to think about the roles we play in relationships overall: work, school, family life, friendships, colleagues, and romantic partners.

The more connected we are to ourselves in each of our relationships, the healthier and more balanced we will feel. Increasing awareness of when we stray from who we are or what we believe in to conform and meet the needs of others, avoid conflict, etc. allows us to feel more fulfilled and able to really be there for others in a manner that does not deplete personal resources. Our mission at Terra Counseling Center is simple: “growing yourself grows yourself in relationships with others.”

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