1. A Guide Through Somatic Experiencing

    Somatic Experiencing¬©¬†is a body-oriented method aimed at relieving mental and physical trauma-related problems. Trauma therapist Peter A. Levine developed this form of therapy, using this method as an attempt to release the physical tension that remains in the aftereffects of trauma. The goal of this therapy is to facilitate more appropriate responses to everyday life and situations. Trauma can …Read More

  2. Domestic Crisis Amidst Coronavirus

    As Covid-19 grew into a worldwide pandemic and as cases spiked, lockdowns began being issued. With the implementation of such restrictive living circumstances, many people were faced with the realities of having to spend the majority of time living in intimate quarters where having to experience domestic abuse was more than likely. With that being said, there has been a huge rise in occupancy seen…Read More

  3. Suicide Prevention, Your Call to Action & Awareness

    As we come to observe National Suicide Prevention Month, it is important to understand the severity of this cause through the spread of both information and understanding. What does this mean to you and those around you? It means educating yourself and others, checking in on loved ones and taking time to commemorate and reflect within oneself. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reports…Read More