Counseling Services We Offer

Here at Terra Counseling Center, we offer a wide range of counseling services to help you overcome life’s biggest challenges. How can we help you today?

Trauma Therapy

Do you feel like you can’t live in the present, even though you know that past and future are an illusion? Terra Counseling Center professional counseling can help.


These signs and signals in our bodies tell us that there is something we should pay attention to. Terra Counseling Center’s therapy allows you to break down what anxiety means for you.


Depression can be a grieving process, whether it is over the loss of a relationship or the loss of a perceived / ideal self. Like with anxiety, depression may serve a function in your life. It can take you out of a hectic life and force you to be with yourself, to withdraw from the world.


When we decide to seek help for our addictive behaviors, we are usually tired of the repetitive cycle that does not contribute positively to our lives, but instead depletes us of what we have worked to build.


Our relationships have a thread that connects our past to our present. If you begin to notice that patterns are being repeated, that you’re asking yourself, “Why is this happening again,” or “Why didn’t I see this coming,” that is usually a good time to come in and utilize professional psychotherapist at Terra Counseling Center.

Life Transitions

Many people are not aware that these life changes can affect our emotional / mental well-being. Professional counseling services can help to answer questions regarding who we are now, what we want, and what we believe. In turn, these thoughts will take up less of your time and energy, and they will cease to affect your ability to function in everyday life.